Teen dating naughty

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Blindfold him and have each girl come up and give him a kiss somewhere on his face.After every kiss the guy has to try and guess who the kiss came from. The guy that guesses the most kissers correctly is crowned Casanova!

No hands are allowed to be used at any time in this relay race. Next, she must run the cherry over to her partner, who is waiting with a toothpick in his mouth.In this version the two people have five seconds to hug, if they don’t hug within five seconds then they have another 10 seconds but this time they must kiss , if they don’t kiss after then they must French kiss.This option makes it so you only have to really kiss the person you want to!For teens that want an excuse to get closer to that special someone or just add a bit of a naughty factor to their party!Kissing party games are meant for older teen parties and college parties. Remember it is NOT COOL under any circumstances to pressure anyone into doing something they do not want to do.

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