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From a logistics and production standpoint, the table has a perceived value far greater than its cost, while visually, the reinvented form is made to feel like part of any mid-century or current-day modernist's existing collection.

Client: Stylex, 2014Contract seating collection designed for a wide variety of office and hospitality functions.

More About Ascent: Our goal was to rethink the notion of lobby and airport seating by establishing a completely new, reductive visual language for this category of furniture.Designers were invited to create one-of-a-kind dart boards for a silent auction which took place during NY Design Week.We recruited long-time collaborator Naula to help fabricate our board in black credit (images 1 - 3): Mike Allen Client: Pablo, 2017A re-envisioning of the traditional fabric shade lamp but with the warmth and preciousness of hand crafted furniture.Client: Othr, 2017A simple, reductive candleholder made in 3D printed bronze. More About Trois: Trois is a series of candleholders that includes both a single version (Trois Petite) and a double version (Trois Grande), designed to elevate the candle's role in its design.Trois was inspired by a fortune cookie's words of wisdom that hang proudly in our studio - "Everything should be made as simple as possible..not simpler." This phrase has become our mantra over the years, and it is reflected in the simplicity and functionality of this design.

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