The vampire diaries 1x15 online dating

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With the help of Pepper he learns how to be a father to a seventeen year old, but not without difficulties - especially when his lifestyle puts her in danger.- First few chapters set in 2009 with it then jumping to 2015 (before Ultron ever happened)Female percy jackson, was raised by her dad (poseidon) on earth instead of her mom. With a face that can launch thousands of ships into war and a powerful legacy running through her blood, she's fully out to make a change in both the godly and the mortal world.Her Uncle Rich's death leaves her free to do what she wants for the first time in her life.She finds a summer job in Montauk - who knows where it will take her?The two of them are hired in order to solve a series of murders in a small town. Yet, one look into his daughters eyes mirroring his own, and he's irrevocably lost.

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Against her wishes, Greyson hires a bodyguard to look over Elena at all times. / Delena centric / All Human-Alternate Universe Elena signed up for a blind date after her ex-boyfriend convinced her that no one wanted her. She would go to Stanford with her best friend Damon Salvatore and they would go to college together, but when Damon is accepted into Dartmouth he chooses to take the scholarship and leave Elena to go to Stanford alone.When she meets the Salvatore brothers, they make a bet as to who will sleep with her 1st. - Rated T for now but will be Rated M for language & adult content. Despite their squabbling they are slowly falling in love. (Still in the making, chapter by chapter)Elena Gilbert is tired of coloring inside the lines of etiquette. In a last ditch effort to finally shed her good girl image, she finds herself looking to get rid of her virginity with a one-night stand. But what happens when she breaks the rules& falls for him. Rhea Jackson was born into this world, memory fuzzy and body weak; her life connected to one being miles beneath the surface of the ocean.D/EElena Gilbert has just been hired as an FBI agent under the supervision of FBI agent Damon Salvatore. Poseidon is a selfish god with the world at his fingertips and an ocean of blood beneath his feet.And what if, amidst the pain and horror of Augustine, two people could find love.But what if Augustine was the least of their worries... Elena is a ballerina in New York City, while Damon is a rock star in the band Serpenti. A one-night stand between the two leads to a career-ending result. Clary was born purely as an experiment for her father. Elena Gilbert has a secret identity - she's the writer behind the town paper's popular "Dear Miss Lonely Love" advice column.

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