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Bureaus were made narrower because narrow cases sold better than wide ones.

The chest was remade to suit a taste for slender cases have little value now as an antique.

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The beautiful wooden boards that were leaves for nineteenth-century dining tables are routinely reborn as tabletops, drawer fronts and or case sides.It is then coated with a wash coat of water/white glue and while still tacky covered in dust removed from a house vacuum cleaner.When it is dry, it is waxed and prepared to be smoked.Some sets of chairs are assembled- that is, composed of chairs from two or more sets.The more variations of chairs in a set, the less value the assemblage. Often a set of chairs was enlarged with new reproductions, copied directly from one of the old chairs. The additions may have been made not to deceive but to accommodate more dinner guests, but don’t let that deceive you today.

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