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It features a cast of thousands, starring the mighty adventurer Rumfus! I don't want to spoil the rest for you,just start reading! Tsavo, a maneless male lion, doesn't know what he's getting himself into after challenging a king for his pride.

Splitting loyalties, evil sisters, and accusations of incest. (updates randomly)Sentient Puddle is a webcomic about technology and the absurdity of religion and life in general.

In a strange twist of events, an elf named Quinn finds himself lost in the world of Elemen, humans whose bodies can create and harness the elements.The story begins when Johnny accidentally summons Deemos, a lesser demon, from the abyss through his fireplace.Violence, Swearing, Adult Situations, And Much Much Less!It's mostly me, my muse, my emotions, and my brain all personified into a humorous look at being creative.It's a werid world but this school takes the cake when it comes to odd.

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