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Nollywood meets Hyacinth Bouquet via the fictional pan-African nation of Kengeria.Auntie vocalises her disdain for tracksuits and chicken shops, which are far from her glossy mag dreams of sipping champagne in Buckingham Palace.

But in this earthly paradise nothing is quite what it seems: men do not always act like men, and women can be anything at all...As one of the busiest cities in Great Britain, Glasgow benefits from more than its fair share of tourists coming through its streets, whatever the time of year.Over two million, in fact, visit the Scottish city with almost half a billion pounds being spent every year, With all of that taken into consideration, it doesn’t take much guessing that many of Glasgow’s visitors are families with young children.Roller Stop Roller Rink Suitable for ages four and up, the roller rink on Middlesex Street is the ideal spot for children and teenagers to work up a sweat and burn themselves out, all while the adults enjoy a well-deserved break.Loud music encourages all of those with skates on to move to the beat, regardless of whether they are beginners or experienced pros.

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