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And actually we have some good news from Capital 8 since AEW signed this Monday for the whole loss [indiscernible] building of Capital 8 for 6,500 square meters, which is not in the figures obviously.

Finally, the Convention & Exhibition business, which compared to 2014 the loss comparable year shows a strong growth of its recurring operating income plus 9.7%.

Polygone Riviera reached 6.8 million visitors for its first calendar year, slightly below our initial expectations, I have to confess, but this is also due to progressive openings of new retailers such as Primark, which opened early in March or FNAC, which only had three months of trading since it opened on September 30.

In France, like-for-like NRI increases plus 3.2% with zero effect from indexation, a very strong performance in Central Europe plus 7.4%, as well as in Austria plus 7.5%.

Jean-Marie Tritant will show you a small case study on Euralille.

The renovation of Aupark in Bratislava is also paying off with no extension, but increasing tenant sales of plus 8.3% and a great re-tenanting job by the teams.

All in all, total net disposal proceeds of EUR901 million and a premium to the latest unaffected book value of 24.8%.

The market was pretty good in the Paris region in 2016 with take-up of 2.4 million square meters, close to the levels of 20.

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