Updating internet explorer 5 0

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First of all, my research has shown that there are several possible combinations of user-settings and site settings that cause a variety of PDF display issues.These include: I spent some time researching PDF display options at pdfobject.com, which is an EXCELLENT resource and I learned a lot. I believe it covers all the bases, but I am definitely not comfortable applying this to EVERY user (most of whom do not have an issue).From January 12 2016, all versions older than Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported by Microsoft, meaning there will be no more crucial updates to safeguard your internet experience.The exception is IE 9, which is still supported for Vista SP2.It works perfectly fine with Firefox, Chrome, or with Adobe Reader 10.1.*. For example, hitting "Refresh" will load the document properly.Upgrading to Adobe Reader 10.1.*, or downgrading to 9.*, fixes the issue too. Most of my users get very confused at seeing this gray screen, and end up blaming the PDF file and blaming the website for being broken.

So, I am trying to figure out a way to fix this issue for my users.There is a known issue with opening a PDF in Internet Explorer (v 6, 7, 8, 9) with Adobe Reader X (version 10.0.*).The browser window loads with an empty gray screen (and doesn't even have a Reader toolbar).Also make sure that you either STREAM it correctly or that the file is completely sent to the browser (log files).Lastly output the file to disk and serve the completed file as a temporary measure For what it's worth, I've experienced a problem earily similar to this.

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