Updating symantec emergency disks

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I think you need to make another run at this with XP specific instructions instead of expecting us to extract meaning from the Vista instructions.Hi Pieter, Very nice to read about future functionalities.The biggest complaint I have is you do not distinguish between XP and Vista except occasionally.I have XP and have absolutely no idea which pieces of your instructions pertain to my system.Well the norton disc is a boot scanner of sorts and this has been their since the 2007 version but the prob is the updates i mean how do i make sure the scan happens with the current updates i have and not with the updates that came with the Disc Hi Pieter - For reference, I was unable to utilize the stock NRT cdrom because the virus definition update failed.I suspect it may have been due to the FTP proxy we have in place on our business network.The NRD is essential when a system is heavily infected and the installation of the Norton security product fails. I'd be interested in hearing your stories so please leave a comment in the section below. In the pdf it says not download the v5i32 defintions package but it is the only one available at the provided link. Hi mijcar, the ability to boot from a USB key is hardware dependent, but most relatively new systems should support this.I recently wrote an in-depth guide on how users can manually update the NRD with drivers and updated definitions. I'm also getting an: 'imagex.exe' is not recognised (See snapshot1). There is no need for floppy emulation or anything like that, the USB key just needs to be seen by the BIOS as an external USB hard drive, and you need to be able to instruct the BIOS to boot from this drive.

Whatever the reason, I am concerned that something else vital may have been missed in the other instructions, which are greatly more complicated.For many of our users, this tool will never play a part in their security software experience, but for those who need it, it can be a life saver.So what is the Norton Recovery Disc, and when would you ever need to use it?The NRD is a bootable CD that can run scans and remove threats from outside of your Windows operating system.Sometimes systems become so infected with malware that they can't start up to a point where installing security software is even possible.

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