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As the festival has grown in size and prominence, popular international artists have also become regular features of the festival's bill.

.......................................................................................................................................... The festival largely focuses on rock acts (as suggested by its name), but in the past artists as diverse as A Place To Bury Strangers, Asian Dub Foundation and Fito Páez have graced the Rock Al Parque stage and, as the festival continues to grow in stature and prominence, we can expect many more big names from all genres arriving here in Colombia in the coming years.

An initiative from the vocalist of a local rock band called La Derecha, a businessman and the sub-director of the Instituto Distrital de Cultura y Turismo (Cultural and Touristic District Institute) spawned the first version of Festival Rock al Parque in 1995. joined the bill; Festival Rock al Parque started to consolidate itself as a festival focused on the diversity of genres when they introduced some hip-hop and ska acts to the festival line-up.

At first, the bands that were invited to participate were national bands that were relatively well known in Colombia, there were two acts that came from Mexico and Spain. After this inclusion, Festival Rock al Parque organisers have tried to include as many bands from different genres as possible to keep the diversity alive.

Due to its location in the tropics and idiosyncrasy during the 1980’s and the 1990’s, Colombia was not exactly the “go to” place for bands around the world.

In the capital, Bogotá, there was a small but growing subculture among youngsters towards rock and metal, and this audience craved to go to those kinds of concerts.

In 1997, the proportion between metal and rock acts switched in favor to metal, where national bands like Ingrand, Kraken, Neurosis (not to be confused with Neurosis from the United States of America), Agony, Tenebrarum, Ultrageno; and international acts from Argentina A. With the serious threat of getting the festival cancelled, the same audience that came to the earlier three editions showed their support for the festival, insisting that the event was an institution in itself and that was part of the Bogotanian culture.

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