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Due to limited agricultural land, portions of the population has emigrated since the 17th Century.Between 18 about a quarter of the population emigrated.The secluded geographical location made it unattractive for conquerors since the Roman period, and even before.The first traces of settlement in the area are from the early 2nd millennium BC, in its southern part.

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In the European Middle Ages, the population were mainly farmers, and since the early 17th century, many residents had to leave for seasonal labour outside their home valley.Tenero-contra and Gordola include the insubric climate region thanks to the deep sea level, close to the Lago Maggiore and protected by the mountains from the north winds.Vineyards and Mediterranean vegetation benefit of the mildest climate of Switzerland, nebulae are rare and rainfall of short duration.In the late 20th and early 21st Centuries the population rose due to the development of Gerra Piano to an important local center.However, in the valley the population has declined.

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