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I agree with Former FTC Economist Peter Vander Nat, Ph. in calling for a federal pyramid scheme rule as the status quo is not effective in eliminating pyramid schemes. I believe we (USA) have freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The courts agreed that I published this article for you (at least in my reading.) I often update articles as new information comes in.

With long articles like this one, an update doesn’t mean the entire article is rewritten.

Instead it typically means that I have more information that I deem is worth sharing in a specific section. Noting their dates and times would extend this article needlessly. As a courtesy to readers, I try to balance the timing of the update with the context of the update itself. My denotation of updates is meant as a convenience for consumers.

Between the extremely expensive products, dubious marketing, and what appears to be a pyramid scheme (see aforementioned FTC guidelines), I think it is clear that Le-vel Thrive is a scam. ) I think consumers should make better use of 00 or more a year…

and certainly shouldn’t push others to spend that kind of money.

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It’s another thing when they coordinate all their distributors to flood Facebook all at once.The victim turned away from her purse to read the ingredients.Then she found her wallet was stolen when she went through the checkout line, a police report says.Finally, it took decades for the FTC to help Herbalife victims.In each case, consumers found out years later that they were scammed out of hundreds millions of dollars (in aggregate). Lawyer Stuff: Regarding Updates (Added 4/10/2017) It’s disappointing to me that I have to cover my butt with disclaimers.

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