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Sending love and thoughts to everyone involved.”Co-star Devin Druid also said: “The Nor Cal/Bay Area has been my home for almost a year while filming @13Reasons Why.

My heart goes out to all affected by these awful fires.”Production was set to resume on October 15.

The following month saw Walter Mitchell and Hudson Walsh arrive.

Marty Kranic and Josie Lamb made their debuts in July and August respectively.

She commented "After everything they have been through, it just seems like the most natural thing for these characters." A Soap World reporter said "Toadie is in agony until Karl finally reports that little Nell is healthy and happy.

I also feel like if that was the ending, it’s also a beautiful way to end it.“I think that Brian Yorkey and these writers could tell some pretty amazing stories about it.“Whatever they write, I’m in.”Author Jay Asher never wrote a sequel to his book but has said that he would like to see a “continuation” of the characters.“I’m curious as well,” he told EW. How do people react to what Alex did at the very end? He added: “I’m not allowed to say either way if there is or is not a second season.”Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen are played by newcomers Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette.

After the series' warm reception, Ms Langford said she felt the story affected many young people and that she was proud to tell it "the way that we did".13 REASONS WHY: NETFLIX VS BOOK – WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES?

Alek Pocoli began appearing in September, while October saw the introductions of Gemma Reeves and Eric Edwards. I come home all excited about how I've been able to work with the baby.

She's called Scarlett in real life and she's such a beautiful baby.

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