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The federal investigation into Smith’s case led to the March 14 arrest and 15 prostitution-related charges against longtime Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Stuart Dunnings III.And it’s an ongoing problem, police said.“I’m sure there are rings going on right now in Lansing,” said Ted Docks, the agent who leads the FBI’s Lansing office.Before, police had to arrest victims just to get them off the streets, he said.Reddy said law enforcement must focus on the demand side of the sex industry."As long as we have johns, we’re going to have prostitution," she said.Michigan passed its first human trafficking laws in 2006, and they were updated in 2014.

It should be on everyone's radar and investigated."Sometime in the last few weeks, the FBI in Detroit came across two “very active prostitutes.” They were “recovered,” not arrested, said Maureen Reddy, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s operation in Michigan. The recovery approach, which places victims in shelters or with family instead of jail, is part of the shift in the way the crime and its victims are viewed.“I don’t think it’s a new crime,” Reddy said.

The State Journal chose not to identify the MSU student because he could not be reached for comment and was not charged with a crime. 21, a friend sent Ireland a link to an online story about the missing girl. Minutes after posting the ads, someone used the same computer to search for information on teen prostitution.

Ireland told police the MSU student posted the ads.

“But I think what has happened, at least in my opinion, is that they have gone from viewing the prostitute as a criminal to viewing that person as a victim.”Law enforcement’s focus on human trafficking sprang from efforts to crack down on online child pornography in the early 1990s.

The first federal trafficking law was passed in 2000.

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