White women dating persian man

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He had to pull serious strings to get her to London where she now lives. IIRC my uncle said the women are much like Somalis-no half measures;if they're into you its all the way-they'll even stop a bullet for you.Though this post is about the worst women's tribe in the world;the Americanised variety so maybe his experiences are outside the scope of this thread. I don't see Iranian girls here in Toronto falling for ugly white guys or chinese guys or black guys or anything like that. Almost every Iranian girl here is with an Iranian guy. As for Iranian guys, I hardly see them acting beta around where I live. Every Persian father is convinced his little Farnaz is a beautiful princess, and she buys it, hook line and sinker. I don't see Iranian girls here in Toronto falling for ugly white guys or chinese guys or black guys or anything like that. As though they are too good for guys from their own culture. And there are plenty of ugly ones that behave just like the hotties.On top of that as soon as she finds out her husband has brought someone home, she finds an opportunity to go and change into pants. Then again, I've known a fair number of Arab women who sincerely believed that if they don't go out of their way for their husband, he'll find another woman. I'm Asian who grew up most of my life here in LA and she was from Tehran but grew up in Canada.Basically, she had prettied herself for her husband and as soon as she finds out her husband is not alone, she makes sure she is a lot less pretty. She was here in Los Angeles for the summer for an internship (she was the cute intern @ the offfice). Within a week of meeting her, we spent almost every minute together.As summer was wrapping up, we both knew she was going back home to Toronto and that her internship was coming to an end.

Growing up in LA, I have experienced my share of being alot of Persians. I've dated my fair share of women of different races, cultures, and styles but she was the my favorite.

Saying its completely untrue is false, on a numerical/general basis THIS doesn't happen.

The Higher caliber Iranian/Middle Eastern chicks will not look let alone date an Asian guy.

Although they never met me, they knew about me to a certain extent and I knew they were great people cause they raised such wonderful lady. Eventually, she ended our relationship out of the blue. The only thing that angered me about the situation was how she always talked about how she wishes she could be a part of my life and the kind of freedom I had but ultimately she was too scared to take the chance.

I always thought that cause of her independent and progressive ways, she would eventually break free of any guilt from her family and decide to make the life she always wanted for herself.

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