Who is sloan from entourage dating

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She attended Unionville High School for drama programs and immediately pursued her career towards acting after high school.

She started acting at a very young age of 10 in a commercial of Mc Donald.

She is best known for her acting on movies like Entourage as Sloan Mc Quewick; You Don’t Mess with the Zohan as Dalia and The Mentalist as Lorelei Martins. She is also known as the Most Desirable Women of 2010 rated by Ask “It is always fun to play flawed, imperfect people and certainly with my character, I was most intrigued because she has a shady past and it unravels.”In the first episode of , she appears for a hypnosis session with Charlie Haverford (Donovan), who oversees several fortune telling parlors, wearing big hoop earrings, an arm party full of bracelets and bangles, black-painted nails, and a loose-fitting sweater draped over her shoulders.You don’t learn much about her yet, but it’s clear she’s got a dark side.I have this theory that life imitates art, and art imitates life, so when I went in to audition for this I was like, ‘Um, I am very familiar with all of this.’” Chriqui, in her everyday life, also dabbles with energy workers—something she attributes to her spiritual upbringing by her parents.“I do Transcendental Meditation and I will not start my day without it.

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