Who is tim curry dating

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I feel like this is the movie you all were most likely to have seen and least likely to remember Tim Curry in.

Probably because that scene where Cameron Diaz dances in her underwear is all you remember.

Well, yes, he is the guy from Rocky Horror and the butler in Clue, but he is so much more!

Seriously, you’ll be shocked when you realize how many ridiculous movies included Tim Curry as some sort of pseudo-villainous secondary character.

Unrelated but equally important, who didn’t want a Talkboy tape recorder like Kevin’s?

He was totally there though, I swear, and in a not-small roll.

Seriously, watch the clip (and then google that underwear dancing scene because I know you want to).

When I went to make this list there were a few that even surprised me!

So, ordered by increasing magnitudes of surprise that Tim Curry was in it/movie awesomeness, here it is.

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