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700MB to 1GB per day is used on average during stays in Japan.(Internal investigation)Although the price seems cheap, 1 GB is consumed quickly since you use search and apps more than you think while travelling.Almost six years after Apple announced Siri as a feature on the i Phone 4S, Siri's still confined to computers and phones. Alexa and Assistant are omnipresent, always ready and waiting.The closest thing Apple offers is "Hey Siri," which works approximately never.(Not a high bar, but still.) The Home Pod can detect its surroundings, tuning its output to sound good no matter where it is. The Home Pod uses local recognition to hear the Hey Siri command, and encrypts all your communication.Schiller made a big deal out of the Home Pod's sound quality, which makes sense given that Apple owns Beats, and it also gives Apple at least one good reason to buy its speaker and not Amazon's. The privacy of your in-home speaker is a big deal, and Apple's making sure it's on top of it from the jump.

But it's more than that, at least if you believe Apple's Phil Schiller.I didn't get to hear how Siri sounds inside a hefty round speaker, but I did get to hear the Home Pod's audio output.It's amazingly loud for such a small speaker, easily filling the room I was in.A device allowing you to use the Internet on your smartphone, tablet, etc. By connecting to the local mobile phone network, you can enjoy the Internet as usual without incurring expensive overseas roaming fees.It is also possible to share with your friends and family as you can use several smartphones or computers with one Wi Fi router.

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