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Bloom and Sky have become closer this season but the two of them still seem insecure of their relationship.

Though their relationship had begun to mend itself, things took a turn for the worse when Bloom is kidnapped by Professor Avalon's imposter under Lord Darkar's orders.Things soon took a turn for the worse as the Trix attack Red Fountain for its piece of the Codex and, during their attack, Icy lands a fatal hit on Sky, leaving him unconscious and slowly dying.Bloom desperately tried waking Sky up but he remained unresponsive and Flora confirmed that he no longer had a pulse.The remaining Winx girls, Specialists and Pixies orchestrated a rescue mission with help from Faragonda, Griffin, Codatorta and the Codex Guardian Pixies, with Sky having led most of the mission, being especially frantic over the possibility of losing Bloom forever to Darkar's influence.In the season finale, everyone managed to enter the Relix Realm but were unable to put a stop to the ritual.

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