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"Couchsurfing has given me the opportunity to live very valuable and beautiful experiences.

It's filled my journey with stories, people, and friends.

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From small campfires to creative custom-made grills and smokers, we visit home cooks, pitmasters, and chefs who are fascinated by fire and food.

While the quantity of patterns available pales in comparison to the other resources listed here, we're guessing that this site will continue to grow, along with its library of fresh patterns.9.

Free Vintage Crochet The vintage patterns here have an instantly nostalgic quality—a throwback to crochet as Grandma knew it.

Click the "Make a Pattern" link and you can even download free software that allows you to create your own design! Crochet Kitten The eclectic designs on this site will bring crochet out of your grandma's knitting basket and into the twenty-first century.

Cool dance accessories, purses and cozies for your kitty are all part of this unique site's pattern collection.

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