Youth dating violence prevention

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Violence includes those acts that result from a power relationship, including threats and intimidation, neglect or acts of omission.Such non-physical violence has a broad range of outcomes – including psychological harm, deprivation and maldevelopment.Economic violence includes attacks by larger groups motivated by economic gain – such as attacks carried out with the purpose of disrupting economic activity, denying access to essential services, or creating economic division and fragmentation.

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Strategies addressing the underlying causes of violence can be effective in preventing violence.Violence may not necessarily result in injury or death, but nonetheless poses a substantial burden on individuals, families, communities and health care systems worldwide.Many forms of violence against women, children and the elderly, for instance, can result in physical, psychological and social problems that do not necessarily lead to injury, disability or death.Since the Industrial Revolution, the lethality of modern warfare has grown.World War I casualties were over 40 million and World War II casualties were over 70 million.

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